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Healing the spirit to fight cancer

From the office of Dr. Laurence Magne, author of

We are bodies, minds and spirits. Health necessarily involves all these components, and any program intended to improve health must address all of them. Conventional medicines only pay attention to the physical body.

To achieve health, you must work on the whole picture of health. You need to make changes in all the components of lifestyle that contribute to health, not just to improve your diet and increase your exercise. You must work on many different fronts all at once.

To optimize the function of the healing system, you must do everything in your power to improve physical health, mental and emotional health, and spiritual health. Think about your own experiences of healing. Make a list of illnesses and injuries or problems you have recovered from in the past 2 years. Note anything you did to speed up the healing process.

Scientists have found that the areas of the brain that control emotion are particularly rich in receptors of neuropeptides. The brain also has receptor sites for molecules produced by the immune system alone. What we see is an intricate 2-way communication system linking the mind, the immune system and all the other systems, a pathway through which our emotions, hopes and fears, can affect the bodys ability to defend itself.
While stress and helplessness can depress the immune function, clearly we dont get sick each time we are stressed. Stress is one of the many factors that can tip the balance toward illness.

Our ability to realize our hopes and goals depends on having control over events that we initiate and over those that come into our lives unbidden. People who feel in control of life can withstand an enormous amount of change and thrive on it. People who feel helpless can hardly cope at all.
A side effect of healing is a reconnection to the values that are important: an openness to love, an attitude of forgiveness toward ourselves and others, and peace of mind.

The more you try to control life, the less control you have. Not knowing when to let go is a major cause of stress. Developing the discrimination to tell when to hold on and when to let go is the key to responding freshly to lifes challenges. This means being flexible and self-aware. To learn more about how disease starts in the body, read Cancer Free For Life.

Stress as opportunity
We have many metaphors for death and resurrection, and they are metaphors for escape from our past conditioning and outmoded ways of thinking.
Why then do we hold on to the old so fiercely? What is the block to letting go in the moment? That block is fear, lack of faith in ourselves and in life. If I give up a bad relationship, maybe no one better will come along. If I look for a new job, maybe I will get a worse one. If I let go of my suspicion, I will be hurt and disappointed by people. It is fear that masquerades as the need to control, and fear that deprives us of the chance to be free.

Happiness is inborn. It cannot be learned, but it can be forgotten. Authenticity is an attitude of awareness in which we are willing to experience our thoughts and feelings as they are.

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Top Ten Tips for Lazy Dieters

Tip no. 1: Set SMART goals. Goals give dieters something to aim for and are a good source of inspiration. Fitness experts worldwide would agree that all goals you set should adhere to the following acronym:

S (simple): All goals should be easy to remember. Saying I want to lose 20lbs of fat, gain 10lbs of muscle, speed up my metabolism and lower my cholesterol in 6 weeks unless I get promoted in which case I want to lose 10lbs of body weight in 8 weeks may well be ambitious and time-considerate, but you are hardly going to remember it in 6 weeks when you need to figure out how much you have lost.

M (Measurable): Your goals should almost always contain a number. Whether it is to drop 10kg or to fit into those 34 inch jeans, having numbers involved means that you can check your own progress.

A (Achievable): Many people often ask me: Is it possible to lose all this weight in 3 weeks or I want to lose 50 kilos! Can I do it before Christmas? The answer to the latter question is usually a resounding no, and I often suggest that these people might want to set themselves a target that can actually be hit. Above all, it prevents disappointment and makes them less likely to fall off the rails halfway through a dieting program.

R (Realistic): Your goals should reflect your lifestyle. It is a good idea to diet when you are likely to have little stress from outside influences (such as work) and you have plenty of time for the exercise you enjoy.

T (Time-considerate): Which of the following sounds like a more positive statement: I am going to lose 20lbs, or I am going to lose 20lbs in 10 weeks? If you never put a limit on when you need to lose the weight by, you are never going to push yourself to shed those pounds.

Tip no. 2: Write Down Everything You Eat. Many people are overweight because they are heavy snackers and eat far too much than they realise. The simplest way to beat this is by writing down everything you eat. That way, when you eat something that you did not mean to eat, you will know about it.

Tip no. 3: Use Smaller Plates. As silly as this may sound, a smaller plate will look fuller than a bigger plate with the same amount on it, so your mind will tell the rest of your body that it is getting more food. Besides, you can only fit so much on a small plate!

Tip no. 4: Proteins. Low fat protein rich food, such as egg whites and chicken breast, are fantastic for dieters that want larger portions, as they contain amino acids that build muscle fibres. Aim for 60g per day (I favour tofu or soya bean; its cheap, easy to fry -with fat-free Pam spray- and contains beaucoup protein).

Tip no. 5: Low Carbs, Not NO Carbs! Atkins enthusiasts rave about the benefits of carb-starving and that fats are not really that bad, but the simple fact is that your body needs carbs as a basic energy, so after starving yourself of them only to eat them again, your body stores that energy as, you guessed it; fat! Aim for around 240-260g of carbohydrates per day (look at potatoes, pasta, rice and wholemeal bread).

Tip no. 6: Buy a Bag of Nutrasweet. Any sweetener can be used as a sugar substitute and I believe they taste fairly similar. Plus, a tablespoonful contains about 0.1 calories, compared to the 18 that you will often find in sugar.

Tip no. 7: Lift Weights. Lifting light weights can burn calories and tone up every muscle in your body. It is a common misconception that lifting weights will always build big muscles, which is something that many women are keen to avoid. However, this is only true if your body is of the correct somatotype (body shape) and if you really are overweight then believe me, its not.

Tip no. 8: Drink Green Tea. The benefits of green tea have long been discussed, the main one being that it contains the right chemicals to speed up your basal metabolism (which in turn burns fat faster). Two cups per day (without sugar!) is enough, while the only known side effects are that the caffeine in it can cause minor sleep deprivation, so drink it in the morning.

Tip no. 9: Get Busy! As I mentioned earlier, many overweight people are heavy snackers and these are usually people with two much time on their hands (that are often bored). The best way to combat this is to, quite simply, do something! Getting a new hobby, and therefore spending less time near the TV, are ways to keep you away from the fridge.

Tip no 10: Stop Talking About it! Diet must be one of the most discussed topics in modern society, yet, the people who talk about it are often the ones who want to lose weight. Then, how to prevent obesity? The real secret is to get on with it. As of tomorrow, you are officially dieting, so scribble down five small meals and brew yourself a cup of green tea!

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New Apple Ingredient Discovery Keeps Muscles Strong!

Natural Component of Apple Peels Found To Help Prevent Muscle Weakening

In search of an effective method to prevent muscle wasting that comes with illness and aging, researchers have located a natural compound that is very promising.

The findings reported in the June issue of Cell Metabolism (a Cell Press publication), identify a natural component of apple peels known as Ursolic Acid as a promising newnutritional therapy for the widespread and debilitating condition that affects nearly everyone at one time or another.

"Muscle wasting is a frequent companion of illness and aging," explained researchers from The University of Iowa, Iowa City. "It prolongs hospitalization, delays recoveries and in some cases prevents people going back home. It isn't well understood and there is no medicine for it."

The research team first looked at what happens to gene activity in muscles under conditions that promote weakening. Those studies turned up 63 genes that change in response to fasting in both people and mice and another 29 that shift their expression in the muscles of both people who are fasting and those with spinal cord injury. Comparison of those gene expression signatures to the signatures of cells treated with more than 1300 bio-active small molecules led them to ursolic acid as a compound with effects that might counteract those of atrophy.

"Ursolic Acid is an interesting natural compound," they said. "It's part of a normal diet as a component of apple peels. They always say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away..."

The researchers next gave Ursolic Acid to fasted laboratory subjects. Those experiments showed that ursolic acid could protect against muscle weakening as predicted. When ursolic acid was added to the food of normal subjects for a period of weeks, their muscles grew. Those effects were traced back to enhanced insulin signaling in muscle and to corrections in the gene signatures linked to atrophy.

The subjects given ursolic acid also became leaner and had lower blood levels of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides. The findings therefore suggest that ursolic acid may be responsible for some of the overall benefits of healthy eating.

"We know if you eat a balanced diet like mom told us to eat you get this material," the researchers explained "People who eat junk food don't get this."

It is not yet clear whether the findings will translate to human patients, but the goal now is to "figure out if this can help people." If so, they don't yet know whether Ursolic Acid at levels that might be consumed as part of a normal diet might or might not be enough.

Journal Reference:

mRNA Expression Signatures of Human Skeletal Muscle Atrophy Identify a Natural Compound that Increases Muscle Mass. Cell Metabolism

About The Author
Michael Clonts is the owner of the LMC Health Shop. He provides quality weight loss management, nutrition supplement, and multivitamins for supporting a healthy better you. He wants you to trust that you are putting the finest quality multivitamins, health and nutrition supplements, and weight loss products available into your body.

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Get the benefit of laser hair growth therapy at home

The problem of thinning as well as hair loss has been facing by a large number of people all over the world. If proper care is not taken in the right time then you may become a permanent problem. More than 50% of the people both men and women suffer with the problem of hair loss since their young ages. Male people sometimes become bald at an early age due to severe hair loss.

Researches and studies have showed that it is possible to cure the problem of hair loss if the persons suffering from hair loss problem do the right treatment. Nowadays there are many leading manufacturers who are manufacturing different equipments to provide the best solution to the hair loss problem, and these equipments are able to give lasting remedies to those persons who get frustrated and worried for losing severe hair on a daily basis. One of such device that can give very effective results to the problem of thinning and hair loss is the hairmax laser comb. This device is able to minimize the reduction of hair at a smaller scale.

Hairmax laser comb has a battery which needs to be recharged and charger so that you can use it whenever you need to deal with the problem of hair loss and thinning. It is a real device and FDA has also accepted that the device is able to sort out hair loss problem. Laser comb for hair loss treatment has been accepted by the government of Canada as well as the United States as a safer device to be used for the hair loss treatment.

There are many advantages taking Laser hair growth therapy to stop the loss of severe hair. These are as follows:

• You will have thicker and beautiful hair that you earlier have.
• If you purchase the laser hair restoration devices then you will be able to save thousands of dollars that you need to spend on the treatments of the Clinics and hair salons.
• You can have hair loss treatment at your own home in the easiest way.

Laser hair growth therapy can be utilized by men as well as women to cure the problem of hair loss by doing a treatment which just need half an hour in a week. For a long time the hair salons and clinics are using the laser hair restoration technology, and they have achieved great success in treating the hair loss problem of a large number of people. However, there is an alternative to save your time as well as money by going to these laser salons to treat your hair loss problem. If you purchase the laser therapy devices like laser comb then it is not needed to go to the clinics.

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Dealing with Allergy Troubles

There are a lot of different types of things to which you can develop allergy symptoms. The type of allergy that you develop can differ significantly. Some people have severe allergy symptoms while there may be others who have a mild reaction which can be tolerated with ease.

If you are allergic to any compound, you must try to opt for a treatment because a few allergic reactions can worsen immensely with time and thus lead to a lot of medical complications. There are a lot of allergy center and so you should check out the different centers and try to find the ones that can be of help.

When you are opting for an allergy treatment, you would have various different options to pick from. You should choose the method of treatment which seems to give you the best chances of recovering from it. You can always ask for the opinion of a specialist in order to find the most befitting treatment solutions that can help you get rid of the allergy troubles.

There are holistic methods of treatment that can be used to. A lot of people are opting for these solutions because of the reason that they are devoid of side effects. A lot of people are skeptical of opting for medical treatment because they are wary of the fact that it may lead to medical complications. However, when you are choosing a holistic method of treatment, you would be able to stay away from side effects and thus the chances of recovering would increase manifold too.

When you are opting for treatment solutions, you should carefully analyze and assess the work done by the doctors. You cannot afford to opt for the services of a specialist who is not proficient in handling the cases. If your allergy is extremely severe, you have to be even more cautious. There are a lot of people who suffer from chronic allergy as slight exposure to even a minute quantity of allergen can be fatal for them. Such people need regular injections and must find out the best treatment option that can help them stay in the right shape.

Having allergy problems can be hugely problematic as it leads to problems in regular living. The type of compound to which you are allergic determines the level of problem that you would be facing. If you are allergic to such compounds that are not a regular or staple diet, you may not face a lot of severe complications. However, if the allergen is an extremely common compound, the amount of problems can increase substantially.

Hence, make sure to get your symptoms treated because it is always advised to get rid of allergy symptoms. With help from the best allergy centers, you are sure to get the finest assistance. You should consult a specialist who can handle all the troubles diligently and give you the best hope of recovering as well. With your allergy problems out of the way, your life would definitely be much more simple and pleasing.

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Get over your acne by learning about Acne treatments, Acne facials and Acne scars

Even a single zit is enough to make your face and skin look out of control and having your pretty face covered with acne is not necessary by knowing a few tips. Hormonal ups and downs can have quite an effect on the glow and smoothness of your skin. Many people have been fighting acne for years but haven't gotten any significant results. For all those beauty deprived beings, I have some good news. Your time to cry is over because acne and acne scars can be treated by cosmetic dermatology which has the best and most advanced  acne treatments, acne facials and acne scars removal techniques available.

When all the herbal and home remedies and other approaches for resolving acne fail, modern acne treatments can help you clean up your skin from the acne scars and spots. With the help of chemical peels and Laser skincare treatments you can have minimum scars and look younger and more beautiful than before.

The following are some of the effective and non invasive approaches for treating these  skin issues which almost all of us have encountered in life and some are still in the state of war with it:

Acne treatments:

Anti acne medication might be effective in many cases,  but when used for long term, they usually start showing off side effects as well. Some side effects are extremely harmful for the body. But if you simply choose the advanced acne treatments involving laser, blue light therapy, as well as state of the art microdermabrasion which all work to eliminate the bacterial population,  skin improvement, and reduced acne.

Acne facial, another healthy approach:

Dirty skin and clogged pores are the factors that promote acne severity. An acne facial is a good choice because in this treatment, you'll get a deep and proper cleansing facial which will help resolve the basic cause of the pathetic acne issue and make the skin look much better. The anti-acne ingredients used in an acne facial mask will also prove to be helpful.

Removing those Acne scars:

No matter at what stage you get acne, whether in your teens or in elder age, you will see that the acne appears in the form of comedo (blackheads or whiteheads) and leaves behind some completely ugly looking acne scars on your face. These acne scars can vanish forever if you go for laser acne treatments, or dermality micro needling treatments.

Advanced acne treatments and acne facials come with permanent results and patients' satisfaction. If you are fed up with the acne scars or are looking for the most effective acne treatment for acne be it mild, moderate or severe, you need to get in contact with someone who knows all about it. No other person except a qualified acne dermatologist would know about it. For the people living in Orange country, Newport Beach, Irvine or Huntington Beach CA, I have more good news, that is, you can get rid of your stubborn and hideous acne by getting in contact with the ‘The Skin Care Clinic & Cosmetic Dermatology Center' owned by the most trusted and experienced Dr. Michael Santillanes MD.  Deep down, you know your beautiful without acne, so why hide your beauty behind the scars? Get advanced acne treatments and show your beauty to the world!

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Does Exercise Aggravate or Combat Acne Scars?

A healthy lifestyle is the key to overall well-being. It helps prevent and conquer several adverse health conditions, including acne. As we all know, exercise is an inevitable part of a healthy lifestyle. But, when it comes to acne, some claim that workouts worsen the symptoms, while others tout that exercise can work wonders to ward off those scary signs. Let's dissect the facts and fallacies because our objective is to find a solution for acne, which has been depreciating the appearance of your skin and making you self-conscious.

How does exercise contribute to skin health? Regular aerobic activity increases blood circulation to the skin and aids in the production of new skin cells and collagen fibers. It also maintains hormonal balance by preventing hormonal fluctuations related to obesity and stress. Aren't these facts enough to demonstrate the positive effects of exercise? Unfortunately, the sweat released during workouts can aggravate acne, as perspiration contains toxins and attracts grime that clogs the skin pores. You just need to sop up the sweat in a hygienic manner or take a shower after working out to prevent this problem. That answers why some people claim that exercise causes acne!

So, let's delve into the details to see how an exercise regime can combat acne. Exercise is vital for stress management, given that stress has an adverse effect on acne. Stress aggravates acne by stimulating the adrenal glands to secrete excessive quantities of hormones. Cortisol, the stress hormone, favors acne breakouts by increasing sebum production. Stress can take a toll on you psychologically as well as physically. During periods of stress, such as final examinations, or stressful events like surgeries, your body responds by showing some scaring signs on your skin, hair and nails. Exercise is the key to stress management. A physically active lifestyle results in increased production of endorphins, a group of neurotransmitters related to well-being. Even a simple physical activity like walking can combat stress. When combined with sufficient rest, proper sleep and meditation, exercise can greatly reverse stress-related symptoms and help you lead an acne free life.

Exercise also empowers your skin immunity, allowing it to fight infection and speed up the healing process. It promotes the production of collagen, which is essential for healing infections and acne scars. Diet also factors into the process. You must address any vitamin deficiencies and remain hydrated to promote skin health.

Apart from adopting a healthy lifestyle, you need to maintain a cleansing routine. Make sure that you wash your face with a gentle cleanser and use topical lotions or treatments to fight the external symptoms. Never pick your pimples as picking will spread the infection and result in scarring. Ensure that you enjoy your exercise regime, so that you are regular with your sessions. A consistent approach can do wonders to de-stress and maintain natural clear skin.
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The best diet for the Asthma patients

For the people who suffer from asthma attacks frequently, diet has an important role to play along with proper medication. The asthma patients or those who take care of them must have enough idea about the diet for asthma patients so that the severity could be controlled to some extent. # The diet for the asthma patients should be light # The asthmatic diet should be balanced # The stomach should not be overloaded any time especially at the dinner time. If the stomach is overloaded it could influence the asthma attack. # The diet of an asthma patient should contain reasonable amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats as these food could produce acid and make the condition of the patient serious. # The foods which have enough amount of alkali such as fresh fruits, green vegetables and sprouts should be included in the diet plan. One basic tip one should remember while planning the diet for asthma patients is that the processed foods should be avoided as far as possible. The diets rich in vitamins C and E, and minerals like magnesium, selenium etc. is very much helpful for asthma patients. Those who consume the diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene, flavnoids have less chances of asthma. Most of these above substances are good anti-oxidants which can prevent the destruction of cells. Some other points to remember while planning the diet for asthma patient are following- # Include salads make of cucumber, lettuce, tomato, carrot and beets for lunch and dinner both # The asthma patients should avoid taking fried things, fatty foods, pickles, sweets, chutnies etc. # Excessive milk products should not be taken by the asthma patients specially at the dinner time # The asthma patients should take their dinner early at least 1-2 hours before the sleeping time # All types of unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking etc. should be stopped by the asthma patients # The foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, tuna, sardines etc should be must-to-include in the diet of the asthma patients. # Seeds like flaxseeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids should also be part of the diet of asthma patients # Some people have allergies to certain food items which can trigger asthma attacks in them so that should be avoided Taking proper care while making the diet plan for the asthma patients could actually help them to control the frequency and severity of the attack.
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In this article you can read about one of natural cure for asthma like diet for asthma patients. You can also read about yoga for asthma patients at Onlymyhealth.

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Ways to Test Your Blood Sugar

If you suffer from diabetes then this means that you will have an abnormal amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood. This happens due to the low amount of insulin in the blood which the body uses to turn sugar into ATP – it is usable form of energy. As such those with diabetes end up with the unfortunate irony of having large amounts of sugar but none of the energy that comes with it. While the low energy levels are of course upsetting for those with diabetes however, it is the damage that this glucose can do to the body that is the most alarming. Excess glucose in the body can result in nerve damage that can cause other problems such as loss of eyesight or use of the extremities.

Of course there are ways that diabetics can manage this, and ensuring they keep a close eye on their glucose levels and do what they can to keep them low (administering insulin when necessary, and adjusting their diet accordingly) is one of the most important strategies. This of course relies on diabetic patients being able to somehow find out their own blood sugar levels and test them accordingly. Here we will look at some of the ways to test your blood sugar levels and this way keep a close reign on the amount of glucose in your system.

Ways to Test Your Blood Sugar

Fortunately there are several ways that you can test your blood sugar levels and this means that there should be a suitable method no matter who you are. The main methods are as follows:

Blood sugar meters: A traditional way to test your blood sugar is to get a small blood sample by pricking the end of your finger with a lancet (which is a small needle) and then putting this drop of blood onto a test strip and getting a reading from a 'blood sugar meter' recommended by your doctor. These devices can give you a read out in less than 15 seconds but vary in their price, size, functionality and other factors. Some of these meters will also have other functions such as giving you a reading of your average blood sugar over a period of time. This method is fast and reliable but some people are put off by the fact that they are required to draw blood in order to use them. It is also possible to get blood sugar meters that do not require the sample to be drawn from the finger tip which allows you to get your reading from elsewhere on your body. However these devices are not entirely recommended as it can take longer for changes in blood sugar to show in areas other than the finger tip, and as you will potentially disrupt your results as the blood sugar may be different when taken from different areas of your body. Another alternative for the squeamish is to use a blood sugar meter that uses a laser in order to draw blood which reduces the discomfort and the unpleasant thought of pricking your blood.

MiniMed Continuous Glucose Monitoring System: This is a device that uses a very small tube inserted under the skin to collect fluid and measure sugar over 72 hours. This allows you to have accurate readings over a three day period to inform you of when you need to be most alert during the day and to help identify things that are exacerbating your blood sugar level.

GlucoWatch: The GlucoWatch is a device like a watch (surprise) that uses tiny electric currents to gather fluid from just below the skin and measure blood sugar three times an hour for up to three hours. This is a great device that is non-invasive, highly intuitive and that allows for heavy monitoring of your blood sugar.

Understanding Your Readings

Unfortunately testing your blood sugar level isn't a simple matter of looking at the device and then panicking or being reassured based on the readout. Rather the implications of the reading will vary greatly depending on when you took the reading and many other factors can have an impact on the readings. Whether or not you need to act on the number then depends on the other things you have been doing that day and what time you took the result. At the same time if you take your test before meals it should be around 70-130 mg/dl while taking the test after meals should result in a blood sugar level of around 180 mg/dl.

Other things that might affect your reading are conditions such as gout or anemia, or your altitude or humidity in the room. There are some methods you can use to test your 'base' level blood sugar and this means for instance fasting for eight hours without food or drink at which point your blood sugar should be 70-99 mg/dl. Another method is to wait precisely two hours after eating a meal at which point it should be 70-145 mg/dl (the prandial test).

Source: Health Guidance

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Liposuction with Fat Transfer for an Enhanced Body Contour

Laser liposuction and fat transfer is just the right plastic surgery procedures for those who want to enhance their body contour. It is a safe and effective technique when carried out by experienced hand.

Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the United States as advanced technology has made it reliable and safe, and very effective. One of the greatest advantages is that liposuction can be combined with fat transfer to enhance body contour. Excess fat aspirated during liposuction surgery is used to improve the appearance of the areas that need more volume, such as the breasts, buttocks or face.

How Liposuction with Fat Transfer Works

If you have decided to improve the shape of your body with liposuction and fat transfer, your first concern should be to locate an experienced plastic surgeon. Do some research and choose a surgeon experienced in the latest liposuction techniques like SmartLipo TriplexTM.

Suppose the area from which you want excess fat to be removed is your abdomen. Your surgeon will administer local anesthesia and use the advanced SmartLipo modality which features a triple-laser enabled cannula to melt and remove your excess tummy fat easily and safely. The fat that is siphoned off is then carefully processed and re-injected or grafted in the area where you would like more volume, for example, your breasts, buttocks, or face.

One of the greatest advantages of this fat grafting procedure is that it utilizes your own fat to increase the volume of fat in your selected area of the body. This reduces the chances of rejection by your body. Moreover, the transferred fat is absorbed by the body within a few months.

Autologous breast augmentation with fat transfer is widely popular as an effective cosmetic procedure as well as a reliable technique to increase and correct contour in reconstructed breasts. Besides the breasts, fat injections can improve the volume and shape of the buttocks and also add fullness to the cheeks and lips.

Many Advantages

Liposuction fat transfer offers many advantages:

  • You lose stubborn fat via liposuction and gain volume where you want via fat transfer
  • The adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells (ADRC) extracted during liposuction can be preserved for your own use later
  • It is safer and less expensive to use your own fat than dermal fillers
  • If done for the breasts, avoids the complications associated with breast implants
  • Your body will not reject the fat
  • Natural-looking and long-lasting results are ensured as the transferred fat takes on the feel of the tissue in the area where it is implanted

Ensuring the Best Results

While liposuction fat transfer for an enhanced body contour offers an excellent aesthetic outcome, you can ensure the best results only if you put yourself in the right hands. The plastic surgeon you choose should be trained and experienced in the procedure, and perform the procedure in an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facility. Once you are evaluated as a suitable candidate, make sure you ask your physician to tell you about the potential risks and complications in advance. In the hands of the right surgeon, liposuction treatment and fat transfer would provide the outcome you are looking for.

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What You Should Know About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a cancer of the glandular breast tissue. Breast cancer affects one in eight women during their lives. Breast cancer may be one of the oldest known forms of cancer tumors in humans. Breast cancer kills more women in the united states than any cancer except lung cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer in women and the second most common cause of cancer death in women in the U. S. While the majority of new breast cancers are diagnosed as a result of an abnormality seen on a mammogram, a lump or change in consistency of the breast tissue can also be a warning sign of the disease.

Breast cancer is the most common cause of death in women between the ages of 45 and 55. Although breast cancer in women is a common form of cancer, male breast cancer does occur and accounts for about 1% of all cancer deaths in men.

Breast cancer usually begins with the formation of a small, confined tumor. Some tumors are benign, meaning they do not invade other tissue; others are malignant, or cancerous. Malignant tumors have the potential to metastasize, or spread. Some risk factors, such as your age, and family history, can't be changed, whereas others, including weight, smoking and a poor diet, are under your control.

A woman's risk of breast cancer is higher mother, sister, or daughter had breast cancer. The risk can actually be lower if you have a short menstrual life, large family or first child before age 18 years. Men have a lower risk of developing breast cancer (approximately 1. 08 per 100, 000 men per year), but this risk appears to be rising. Other risks include being overweight, using hormone replacement therapy, taking birth control pills, drinking alcohol, not having children or having your first child after age 35 or having dense breasts.

Alcohol appears to increase the risk of breast cancer, though meaningful increases are limited to higher alcohol intake levels. Breast cancer constitutes about 7. 3% of all cancers. Symptoms of breast cancer may include a lump in the breast, a change in size or shape of the breast or discharge from a nipple. Most breast lumps are benign, that is, they are not cancer. Benign breast tumors are abnormal growths, but they do not spread outside of the breast and they are not life threatening.

Treatments for breast cancer include Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Hormone Therapy, and Immune Therapy. Certain foods, vitamins, or minerals may interfere with cancer treatment. Drink plenty of fluids but avoid drinks during meals because they may cause a bloated feeling.

Proteins: May provide protein, iron, zinc, and B vitamins. Meats, beans, nuts, and seeds provide these benefits. Some seeds, like almonds, are good sources of vitamin e. Dairy products: Milk and cheese provide calcium, protein, and vitamin B12. Grains: Breads, pasta, rice, and cereals provide carbohydrates and B vitamins.

Carbohydrates are an important source of energy. Eat cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, bok choy, and brussel sprouts - which contain plant phytochemicals that lower blood estrogen levels by increasing the estrogen detoxification capacity of the liver. Try cool foods. Warm foods may worsen nausea. Do not eat or drink until vomiting is under control.

Breast Cancer Treatrment and Diet Tips
Eat a diet lower in fat, ideally no more than 18% of your daily caloric intake.

Use "good" fats -- monounsaturated and omega-3 fats - from olive oil, flax seed oil, almond oil and canola oil, as well as fats from deep-sea fish.

Eat cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, bok choy, and brussel sprouts.

Eat a diet high in fiber, with plant-based sources of protein.

Soy, aim for 1 to 2 servings of soy products per day.

Tea (black or green), aim for 3 to 5 servings per day.

Nitrates and nitrites, avoid cured meats when possible. Try to add more fresh meats to your diet.

Carbohydrates are an important source of energy. Eat them often.

Alex Rich, an author and Internet marketing consultant, volunteers his services to the Jennie Yoon Buchanan M.D. Breast Cancer Fund. The fund provides free mammogram services in need.
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Domestic Treatments for Wart Removal

Every year, a great deal of people acquire a skin condition. Often times that skin condition is only negligible. One of the the majority of common trivial skin conditions in America is known as warts.

Warts are benign excrescences that come out on the skin. In deed, warts can come out almost anywhere on the body. If you are like many of the Americans who do have warts on their skin, you might wish to do something about it. To remove your warts, you will need to pick a wart removal preference.

Perhaps, the best wart removal option is looking for help from a specialist. When seking help from a specialist, often a doctor or a dermatologist, you will have your warts professionally eliminated.

Despite being eliminated by a professional, you will find that many of the removal methods are the same, when compared to home wart elimination methods or measures.

Therefore, a large number of people, especially those without health insurance, make the decision to save money and eradicate their own warts.

When examining domestic treatments for wart removal, you will want to utilize the internet to your benefit. Online, you should be able to find a number of special web sites or resource guides that are dedicated exclusively to home remedies; domestic remedies which may well be used to eradicate warts.

What is good about home treatments is that most individuals have everything that they need already in their cupboards. This means that you might not even need to spend a dime.

In addition to researching wart elimination home cures online, you might also wish to think about buying a home medicine book. While this book will cost money, it may be helpful for years to come.

While a large amount of domestic cures are useful at eliminating warts, there are some individuals who are just uneasy about testing them. If you are one of those people, you can rest assured that you are not out of luck.

In addition to trying domestic cures, you should also be able to find and easily obtain a quantity of over-the-counter wart elimination items.

Over-the-counter wart removal items are often available for under thirty dollars. These products can be found online, in the majority of department stores, grocery stores, or drug stores.

In a way, over-the-counter wart removal items are thought of as safer than most home treatments. This is because items being sold in retail shops are required to meet numerous standards; therefore, you are almost assured to be buying a safe item.

Regardless of the fact that most over-the-counter wart elimination items are considered safe, you will still want to display caution when trying them.

Before beginning an over-the-counter wart removal procedure, you are recommended to painstakingly examine all of the guidelines. In addition to reading the instructions, you have to make certain that you follow them.

Reading and complying with the directions ought to only take a few minutes of your time; ergo, there is no reason why you should skip ahead without first understanding what you should or shouldn't do.

Are you concerned about the removal of warts? If you are and want to know more, please visit our website on warts at Cures for Warts
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Safe Medical Treatments Exist For Spider Vein Removal and Red Vein Removal

Innumerable adult females are plagued by ‘spider and red veins’. While these spider veins are not perilous medically, the veins themselves are regarded as ugly manifestations, which mortify females. These veins, bluish or purplish or reddish in color, bulge out from the female body in areas like the legs, neck, hand, face, etc. Women regard such veins as adding unpleasantness to their physical appearance. However, today, there is a collection of advanced treatments, upon which one can rely to erase these unsightly veins. Therefore, if you are suffering from such vein-related problem, you needn’t worry. There is medical assistance available. To remove red vein and to remove spider vein, you can depend upon natural treatments or laser treatments. The treatment that you choose is dependent upon your requirements, preferences and the enormity of your vein problem. Lately, many individuals have preferred to utilize laser or surgical treatments to remove red vein and to remove spider vein.

It is important that you consult with a reliable dermatologist and allow him to determine the most appropriate treatment for you. Spider vein removal as well as red vein removal is a serious topic. Therefore, you mustn’t decide hurriedly the treatment for your vein problem. There are websites of various skin clinics. These websites claim that the laser treatment is delivered by proficient dermatologist. These clinics offer a state-of-the-art laser treatment that erases hideous problems like sun spots, acne, rosacea, thread veins, etc. that torment different parts of the human body. Due to these bodily imperfections, some females suffer from low self-esteem. The websites assert that such thread vein removal or spider vein removal can be accomplished within few treatments.

Also, another advantage of such laser treatments for red vein removal is that these laser cures ensure a revival of your skin’s glossiness and make it look more youthful. This happens as collagen is pushed to the surface of the skin. Also, the prices for these laser treatments are quite affordable. You needn’t fret over the laser treatments, as they are not only effective but also harmless. You will find reliable dermatological websites that provide information whether the person is eligible for such laser treatments.

It has been believed that varicose veins emerge due to high intake of alcohol. There is some truth in this belief. Varicose veins emerge, principally, on account of improper blood circulation, which leads to enlargement and stretching of the veins. This swelling comes along with leg cramps, nagging pain, etc. Varicose veins affect legs mainly. For varicose vein removal, you can opt for the abovementioned laser and surgical methods. But there is a method known as sclerotherapy, which reduces the appearance of the veins. Thus, for varicose vein removal and other vein removals, you should choose a treatment keeping in mind the necessities of your skin and body. You can even chat with the doctors online if wish to clear all your doubts regarding laser surgery.

Karen Lorenzo is the author of this article on Varicose Vein Removal.
Find more information, about Spider Vein Removal here.
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A Fit Living Is Possible Via A Workout Routine And Dieting

To attain secure weight loss one should employ the efforts of a gym instructor and a medical practitioner. There are so numerous messages on the web about workout routine and dieting that it can be overwhelming. The two issues necessary will be a responsive team and a technique for success. Having that assistance behind your efforts will assist.

A go to to your physician is the extremely first factor one ought to do. A thorough checkup will verify that one has no physical restrictions in regard to an physical exercise regimen. The doctor may prescribe additional tests prior to giving the go ahead and may also recommend a nutritionist.

Exercise does not have to take component in a fitness center, one can run in an area in your nearby park or neighborhood. As your physique becomes accustomed to the physical exercise one can increase speed and distance or just go for longer runs. Be certain to offset cardiovascular exercise with free weights.

If an individual does not reside close to a gym, each day groceries can serve as totally free weights. A five pound bag of flour is precisely that, 5 pounds. One may have to look up the weights of other items but a gallon of milk is stated to be 8 pounds. Of course, utilizing weights at a fitness center is the simplest route to take as an instructor can create an person plan designed about your schedule.

The human physique demands a particular quantity of calories. The physician can help with supplying the precise number of calories a person needs in order to lose weight. A trainer, doctor or nutritionist can assist design an consuming plan that will offer the calories required to shed weight safely.

Numerous weight loss goals are sabotaged by unrealistic objectives. An instructor can show an person what equipment to use, when to use it, how often and how many repetitions ought to be carried out. A medical practitioner will tell a patient the quantity of calories to consume daily so that a particular quantity of pounds will be lost on a monthly basis.

A combination of elements are essential for a successful workout routine and dieting. Other than doing personal research on the internet, one can enlist a trainer to meet specific weight coaching requirements. A physician can advise an person about nutrition. By following the guidance of each, one will be able to achieve a healthy weight and a fitter body.


There are many methods to set up an individual workout routine and Dieting. One of them you can find at

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Getting Your Kids Involved In Yoga

Do you like to exercise? Are you a person who stretches daily, perhaps an avid yoga practitioner? If you do yoga and have kids, chances are that they are standing next to you making valiant attempts to get themselves into the positions which you are contorting yourself into. Also, since the average child has quite a bit more flexibility than does the average adult, they are probably doing a pretty darn good job of getting into the positions they are attempting.

With the number of people practicing yoga today, there are many options for children to be active in the exercise. There are yoga exercises for kid’s classes available in many locales. If you do not have a gym or children's center near you which offers yoga classes for your children, jump onto your favorite internet search engine, because your child can do yoga in the comfort of your own home, and you do not even need to be their instructor. There are many options available for yoga exercises for kids videos, and you can purchase child sized yoga mats and clothing. If you do not want to get the videos, which do not ensure that the child is properly performing the moves, you could invest in a WiiFit, which is an accessory for the Nintendo Wii, and shows how well the person using it is balancing while doing any particular yoga position. Another game console option is to get the Xbox 360 with Kinnect. The Kinnect is a full body scanner which will tell the user if they are in the proper position.

Kids like to do what their parents are doing, and if their parent is doing yoga, the kid will likely be interested. When you teach your child to have healthy habits and to practice a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, your child will grow up with these things held in high esteem, and will have a healthier life. Exercise and healthy living are essential in life, and will prevent many problems later in life. This makes instilling healthy habits in your child extremely important. When you make healthy living a part of their life, they will avoid substance abuse, and will be less likely to have various diseases as they age.

Whether you enroll your child in yoga exercises for kids class, or get them into some other form of activity and exercise, you need to get them into something beneficial. Kids need exercise, and with childhood obesity becoming more and more prevalent, it becomes obvious that they are not getting what they need. Do not let your child become a statistic. Keep them active and ensure that they know how to live a healthy life and that they want to do so. The desire is there early in life, being lazy and inactive is a learned trait, one that we need to stop before it gains a foothold. Keep your child's future in mind; teach them what they need to survive and to be present for that future.

Learn more about Benefits Of Yoga and Sun Salutation Sequences.

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Home Made Cleaning Products

Commercial cleaners are not only bad for the environment, but also bad for your health and the indoor air quality of your home. These chemicals used in commercial cleaners are hormone disrupters, cause respiratory illnesses, and damage to your central nervous and reproductive systems. And most of all many are known carcinogens.

Manufacturers are required to provide labels that say "poison", or "flammable" but there is no labeling (labeling laws haven't been changed since 1960's and since then thousands of chemicals have been invented) on the harmful effects on our overall health.

Are you scared yet? Don't worry, there's good news!

If you don't have time to blend your own natural cleaning products (which by the way is not difficult and is fun), first start by dishing out the commercial cheap cleaning products and get some natural cleaners from the store. There are many options available now in most stores. It is a good start. Slowly you will be encouraged to make your own.

With a combination of few natural ingredients, you can take care of every cleaning need for your home and office. You will learn that it is so much cheaper, healthier for you, and better for the environment.

Using lemons, baking soda, club soda, vinegar, essential oils, and even vodka, you can take care of 100% of your home cleaning needs. Set aside some empty bottles from previously bought bottles and mix the following for your cleaning needs. Enjoy the process and you will love the results.

Disinfectant and all-purpose cleaner

Vodka. Yes, Vodka!! I buy a large cheap bottle of vodka, put some in a spray bottle, add eucalyptus oil and I use it all the time as my everyday cleaner. Alcohol will kill germs and bacteria instantly. You can add other essential oils, try lavender oil, tea tree, peppermint, etc. In my area, I can buy the largest cheapest bottle of vodka for around $8-$10 that will last for 2-3 months. Ultimately, it's cheaper over the toxic commercial cleaners. Did you know that lavender is a deterrent for many rodents? The power of essential oils is often overlooked.

Vinegar is also natural all-purpose cleaner and many of my green friends use a mixture of vinegar and water as their all-purpose cleaner. Mix one part water to one part vinegar in a spray bottle. You will smell it at first but the smell goes away once it dries within a few seconds. Avoid using vinegar on porous surface such as marble but otherwise it makes for a great cleaner. Certain areas such as inside the toilet bowl, you can use the full strength vinegar. For most all-purpose cleaning, use diluted with one part water and one part vinegar. For your hardwood floors, you can simply mix 1 cup vinegar to 1 gallon of water.

Another great all-purpose cleaner is baking soda. Sprinkle in a tub to tackle grime. Baking soda is great for soap scum. It is best when you sprinkle and leave it for 20 minutes and come back to it. You can also use baking soda as oven cleaner.

Finally Hydrogen Peroxide has many uses as well. i like soaking my tooth brushes in 1 part HP and 1 part water to disinfect it. You can also use full strength HP in your shower to get rid of mold.

Toilet Cleaner

Full Strength Vinegar....need I say more. You can use full strength or diluted depending on the situation. Leave it for a few minutes, scrub with toilet brush and flush. For extra strength cleaning, you can sprinkle some baking soda as well.

Window Cleaner

Vinegar and Water, it's that simple. You won't believe how great your windows/glass surfaces look. Give it some time as the buildup from commercial window cleaner (ammonia buildup). Give it a few tries and after you've cleared up the ammonia build up, you will like it even better than the commercial window cleaners.

Furniture polish

Mix 1 part oil (buy a cheap olive oil) with 1/2 part lemon juice. Wipe with a soft cloth. Your furniture will look amazing.

Carpet cleaning

Club Soda works great on carpet stains, better than any commercial carpet stain removers. Use baking soda as a deodorizer.

Laundry Bleach Alternative

one part hydrogen peroxide and one part water. Helps to brighten your laundry and your lungs will thank you for not having to take in all that bleach while you do your laundry.

Fruit Wash

1 cup water, 1 cup vinegar, 2 tablespoon baking soda, 2 tablespoon lemon juice. Put in a spray bottle. Adding a few drops of grapefruit oil also works great in the mixture

To any of the recipes above, you can add your choice of essential oils. Some of the ones I love using are Eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, and peppermint.

Home made cleaning products are as effective if not more in cleaning as the harmful commercial products yet they are better for the environment, better for your health, and even cheaper. The indoor air quality of your home will improve significantly. So don't wait another day, start today in creating your own eco-friendly, green cleaning products.

Jaya Patel has a holistic and natural products online store and is obsessively passionate about all things healthy and non-toxic. She is dedicated to empowering women to achieve holistic health for them and their families through their food choices, cleaning products and personal care products.

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3 Blueberry Desserts for Your Health and Pleasure

Berry Bliss Smoothie

This is a clear favorite with the kids and kids at heart for breakfast, snack, or on a hot day. Enjoy! It tastes so good that you forget that it's good for you!"

This smoothie contains super foods and flax seed. Blueberries and aronia berries have some of the greatest antioxidant levels you can find in a fruit and flaxseed is a powerhouse for omega-3s and good source of fiber.

  • 2 scoops raspberry sherbet
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 4 strawberries
  • 10 aronia berries
  • 15 blueberries
  • 5 blackberries
  • 16 oz orange juice
  • 1 ½ teaspoons ground flax seed

Put berries in a blender and blend until smooth while slowly adding the orange juice. You can make your smoothie thicker by adding some vanilla ice.

Pour into tall glass and serve chilled.

Blueberry Cake

You can use any berries such as aronia berries, blackberries or other berries, not just blueberries.

Using gluten-free flour makes this recipe good for people who have allergic reaction to gluten. You can make your own gluten-free flour or purchase it at a health food store. If you do not want to make your blueberry cake gluten-free just use regular flour. The use of Fructevia in place of sugar makes this a good desert for diabetics.

  • 2 cups gluten-free flour
  • 2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup blueberries (frozen is fine)
  • 2 tablespoons gluten-free flour
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil or real butter
  • 1/2 cup frictevia
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup warm milk
  • 1/8 cup fructevia
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Spray olive oil or other lubricant on a 9-inch-square pan.

Mix the flour, baking powder and salt together in a bowl and set aside. Use 2 tablespoons gluten-free flour to coat blueberries and set it aside. Mix real butter or coconut oil and fructevia in a bowl; add eggs and beat well. Add milk to the dry ingredients and mix then add the blueberries. Put mixture into the prepared pan. Mix furctevia and cinnamon together and sprinkle over the top of the cake. Bake 35 to 40 minutes.

A couple examples of gluten-free flour recipe you can use to make your own flour by grinding your own using a mill such as the Wonder Mill are as follows:

  • 3 cups combined bean flour
  • 3 cups cornstarch
  • 3 cups tapioca starch flour
  • 3 cup rice flour
  • 1/2 tsp. xanthan gum

Another recipe that is not as heavy as the above is:

  • 1 cup rice flour
  • 1/2-3/4 cup potato starch
  • 1/4 cup tapioca starch/flour or corn flour

This is good for coating fried chicken for example.

Milling your own flour is possible using a mill such as a Wonder Mill. There are many reasons you should/would want to grind your own flour for bread baking.

First if you have a mill it you can mill grains and save money. Flours are cheaper when ground at home.

Secondly the quality and flavor you get from home ground flour is better. The flavor simply cannot be duplicated with any commercially available flour.

A third reason you should consider grinding your own grain flours is for the health benefits. All commercially made grain flours have had the germ removed. The germ is the part of the grain that contains healthy nutritious oils.

A fourth reason to consider making your own flour is this will give you access to flours that you might not be able to get otherwise.



  • 1 1/2 cups cooked rice
  • 2 cups half and half
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup fructevia
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries
  • whipped cream for garnish


  • Fill the prepared custard cups with ¼ cup of rice.
  • Put half and half, eggs, vanilla, fructevia and salt in medium bowl and beat.
  • Use the custard mixture to fill custard cups.
  • Put 1 inch of hot water in large shallow pan containing and put in cups.
  • Bake for 30 to 40 minutes at 375 degrees or until you can inserted a knife near center it comes out clean.
  • Cool for about 10 minutes and then unmold.
  • Use a food processor or blender and Puree the blueberries.
  • Top custard with pureed blueberries and top this with whipped cream.

Purchase your pesticide free aronia and blueberries from (Blueberry Croft Farm and Nursery). We understand both the theory and practical applications of growing aronia and blueberries. The farm is a reputable source for quality aronia and blueberry plants. Over 30 varieties of blueberries are grown and sold. Viking aronia plants are available for sale. Purchase your plants and get more information from Get free S/H on orders of $75+. © 2011 May be reproduced in entirety with live link

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10 Best Home Remedies for Cholesterol Control

Cholesterol accounts for most of the heart diseases you will hear. High blood cholesterol eventually leads to an imminent stroke or a cardiac arrest. There are two types of cholesterols in human body - HDL and LDL. HDL is considered good and essential for body. On the other hand, LDL cholesterol is the bad cholesterol and should be avoided as it blocks the arteries and bars the blood flow.

Medications apart, you can always keep a check on your cholesterol levels with few simple home remedies, which prove to be beneficial in longer run. These home remedies decrease the bad cholesterol and help increase the levels of HDL cholesterol in body. Ten best home remedies for cholesterol control are:

1. Regular consumption of vitamin E prevents formation of LDL cholesterol in body. Recommended daily are 400 international units of vitamin E as a dietary supplement in order to maintain good levels of HDL cholesterol. Vitamin E prevents the arteries from blocking and hardening.

2. Regular consumption of vitamin C increases good cholesterol in the body and also lowers the LDL levels. Recommended daily are vitamin C supplements either in tablet form or consumption of citric fruits like oranges, etc. Even vegetables with high vitamin C content can be taken everyday in diet.

3. Garlic has been world-renowned for its medicinal properties. Regular consumption of garlic also keeps a check on the LDL cholesterol levels in the body. Recommended daily are 6-7 cloves of garlic everyday either in food or wholly to maintain high levels of HDL cholesterol and control the levels of LDL cholesterol. Garlic can be taken in capsule form in case the patient cannot withstand its smell and taste.

4. Skin of grapes helps to keep the cholesterol under control. Grapes eaten wholly reduce the LDL levels and help in maintaining the HDL levels in body.

5. In addition to grapes, grapefruit too is known to have medicinal properties to treat your cholesterol levels. Regular consumption of grapefruit lowers the LDL cholesterol in the body. Whole fruit can be taken everyday for best results. Results, however, start appearing in nearly two months.

6. Daily consumption of only two cups of beans can reduce your LDL cholesterol levels by almost 22%. All kinds of beans legumes are helpful in this condition.

7. Cinnamon tea helps keeping the bad cholesterol away. Regular consumption keeps the cholesterol levels balanced.

8. Boil one tablespoonful of coriander seeds in two cups of water. Consume once a day. Helps reduction of bad cholesterol.

9. Taking 1-2 fish oil capsules daily before going to bed helps reduce LDL levels in body. The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil help lower LDLs and triglycerides.

10. Water mixed with some onion juice helps maintain cholesterol levels.

Welcome to the world of natural treatments and home remedies. Cure High Blood Cholesterol naturally with proven home remedies for cholesterol and diet. Learn easy and simlplest home remedies for cholesterol and high blood cholesterol treatments. For more detail read my blog Chesterwilson's Blog.

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Ways to make your skin healthy

The primary step to keeping your skin healthy is preventing damage. Pollutants, air, sun as well as by just natural aging can certainly mortify the form of your skin. Frequent grumbles incorporate dry along with itchy skin, sagging, wrinkles, color alterations, together with age spots. Luckily, there are various methods that you can readily apply in order to maintain a healthy skin, feeling and looking at its most excellent appearance.

Keeping yourself fit, having enough rest, as well as getting healthy diet can set the basis for fine-looking and vigorous complexion. Moreover, a proper diet is not only the excellent way in attaining good health in general but it as well assists you to guarantee that your skin will get all of the vitamins and minerals, along with the nutrients that it requires to preserve and fix itself.

Another way to keep your skin healthy is to apply the right skin care products to your skin. The best anti aging skincare products that can aid you to hydrate the skin are now available at your favorite skin care product store online. Having a clean skin by using the best skin cleanser is also a great way of preventing skin damages.

One of the most essential ways to protect your skin is to keep it away from the harmful rays of the sun. Ultraviolet radiation harms the skin as well as it can result to wrinkles, premature aging, age spots or even cancer as well. An individual should really get further preventative measures in order to be certain that his or her skin is not totally exposed under the harmful rays of the sun. Do not fail to remember that one should apply a natural sunscreen, or a moisturizer that includes sunscreen (with minimum of SPF 15) every day. Although, it does not mean that you should not go out at all during the day, as if you are like a nocturnal creature. Your skin also needs some sunlight every day. A 10 to 15 exposures at sunrise or sunset will be alright.

In addition to that, a variety of fine skin care products such as an all natural moisturizer is one of the essential components for a vigorous complexity. Keep on moisturizing all through the day to keep your sensitive skin vigorous. Your hands as well as your face is especially vulnerable to everyday dent, and might require it to be moisturized further.

About The Author
Skin Care Products are not only witnessed in industrial or professional application since there are as well the likes which are utilized at home or as personal use. One is that I generally utilized is the area of elderly care or in areas where care of people enduring the dilemma of incontinence.
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Self Tanning Lotion Steps to Follow for a Perfect Tan

To get the perfect results using a self tanning lotion, there are a few steps that are a must-do. First and foremost, follow the directions closely, primarily because not all lotions are created equal. For example, some may be runnier than others and some may be tinted instead of the normal clear.

Every day more self tanning lotions are coming out and are being improved, such as those that contain bronzers to let you see where you’re putting the lotion on and natural fragrances to reduce the chemical smell from your skin cells reacting to DHA.

In addition, there are other steps that you need to follow to help to ensure that you get the proper color the first time, every time. These include:

• EXFOLIATION! This is in capital letters because this is the one main cardinal rules when you apply any sunless tanning product. At least 4 hours before your session, make sure that you exfoliate.

If you use a salt-based scrub, either do this one day prior to your tanning or use a quality cleanser after so that no oil remains on the surface of the skin.

• Next, you really should use gloves. Using gloves helps to prevent the orange palms syndrome. Make sure the gloves snugly fit over your hands otherwise you will have some trouble applying the tan evenly.

One particularly useful tip is that if you can’t get gloves, keep a warm mixture of bleach water next to you so that you can immediately clean your palms off afterwards.

• Another step that is extremely important is to apply the tanning solution section by section. Many experienced self tanners suggest starting at the legs and working up the body.

Applying the lotion in sections, especially small ones, will help to avoid missing areas and streaking as well as make the application process easier.

• At each section, after you apply the self tanning lotion, work it into the skin until it is completely absorbed. Don’t be vigorous at this, a gentle motion will do, you just want to make sure that you get the full benefit of the lotion.

• If you didn’t buy another tanning product specifically designed for your face, use what you are using on the body.

It’s a good idea though to mix a couple of dabs of regular lotion in with the tanning product to disperse the coloring more evenly.

• In addition, tanning lotions will tint your eyebrows and if they are tinted too much, they will look kind of funny. It has been recommended that you use a damp Q-tip on the eyebrows after you’ve applied the tan to remove any leftover lotion.

• Tan the back of your hands gently and make sure to sponge around the dry areas of your body, such as the soles of the feet, elbows and knees to remove any excess.

• And lastly, let yourself dry completely before you put your clothes on.

When you are applying a self tanning lotion, remember to follow the directions on the bottle. There are also though, other tips of the trade that will help to give you the best tan.

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Five Secret Habits of Successful Weight Loss!


‘In eating, a third of the stomach should be filled with food, a third with drink and the rest left empty.’


Hello! May I start this article by sharing with you my most inner secrets. I want to reveal to you that no matter how difficult your weight problem may seem, you can change your life for the better. If I can do it, so can you.

As many know I wasn't always so strong or sure of myself, and much of that insecurity has to do with my weight. I have had a weight problem practically all my life and I always will. But now things are different, and they can do for you, too.

Enough of this lengthy intro, at least for now! OK? Then let’s dive in with the first success habit of thin or slim people.

Success Habits No.1. Follow A Rugged framework for diet and exercise.

Let me set the record straight! Diet and exercise guidelines can provide you with a framework for making these healthy changes, but ultimately it's up to you to devise your own rules and come up with your own strategies for healthy living and dieting. It is not expected of you to grab any article or a report and immediately start following the tactics and strategies recommended. Everyone’s body is different from another.

We have DNA’s that are very different even from our blood brothers and sister. Why then should you follow exactly what people tell you. Even advices herein. The best bet is to use your own body to study the actions and reactions of the guidelines given and applied there. Fair enough?

Success Habits No. 2. Adhere to a ‘low-fat' low-calorie diet and exercising regularly

Let me clue you in on an undisputed statement. In the largest study of successful dieters to date researchers have found that sticking with a ‘low-fat' low-calorie diet and exercising regularly helped the participants shed and keep off at least 30 pounds. Sounds impossible? But trust me it’s true. You can bet your eyeball on this fact.

By the way, are you are you getting into this, or it is rubbing you the wrong way? Just be patient and carry on reading. It’s worth your few minutes of your precious time. Then shall we proceed to secrets number three. OK?

Success Habits No.3. Discover and Adapt to Better Dieting Therapies

OK, I know you’re probably shaking your head after reading success habits number three .But rests assured what you about to read is no rocket science materials. It is just plain and simple fact. Here goes!

Rest assured that successful dieters aren't afraid to do things far different from the norm. Just to find tactics that really works for them. And to use them when they work for them.

Time changes so does things. Remember the old adage, ‘Time and Tides awaits no man or for that matter woman’ Get my drift?

Up next,

Success Habits No. 4. A strong Belief in ‘Quitters Never Wins, and Winners never Quit’ motto.

Hello! Are you prepared to prepared to be shocked, disappointed and finally refreshed, reading this success secret no. 4. Right? Then let me get straight to the point! Make no mistake, along the road to change, lapses are inevitable for any one. But in and of themselves, they're not necessarily setbacks; it all depends on how you handle them.

Remember this weight loss thing is not a one shot affair. We have to live in our body every day of our lives, by the minutes, days, weeks, months and years. How our mind adapts to failures will largely determine the condition of our inherited body. Agreed?

Correct me if I am wrong. But what you are about to read may be shocking to you. If you are ready to see what’s next then go ahead and continue reading but brace yourself first!

Success Habits No. 5. Progressively overcoming unhealthy life styles

No matter how you argue or try to justify this habits number 5, common sense dedicates this obvious fact. Changing distasteful habits involves six predictable stages, researchers have found. If you can identify the stage where you are, you can take steps to spur yourself forward.

In case you don’t know the six stages, let’s have a fast reminder. Step One. Know the exact problem causing the unhealthy lifestyle. Step 2. Find alternative solutions to overcome the problem. Step 3. Select the best alternative to overcome the problem. Step 4. Schedule the start and finish times to work at this problem Step 5. Get down to solving the problem and step 6. Finish, follow up and revise if there is a need to. Simple enough?

To sum up, let’s recap! Firstly adopt a rugged framework for dieting and exercising . Secondly, to adhere to a ‘low-fat' low-calorie diet and engage in indoor or outdoor sports regularly. Thirdly to continue discovering and adapting to better dieting therapies Fourthly, have a strong belief in ‘Quitters Never Wins, and Winners never Quit’ motto. And finally take the concerted efforts to progressively overcoming unhealthy life styles.

In closing, let me add to these facts! This article has given you this weight loss information . It has given you the justification and the facts and the best advice we can give, the rest is up to you. Health is really is wealth in more than just financial, and whatever choices you make, we wish you best of luck in your pursue of a slimmer and healthier body. Goodbye and happy weight loss endeavor. Thanks for reading. Bye!


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Best Treatment Options for Mesothelioma

Finding the Best Solutions for this Tricky Cancer

When you are dealing with Mesothelioma, you don't have a lot of different options for treatment in most cases. The way that this condition presents, combined with its known latency period that can last between 4 and 5 decades, makes it very difficult to treat effectively. Patients can experience many types of this condition, and while 75% of cases present in the lungs, it can also be diagnosed in the abdomen or heart. Finding the right treatment is all about understanding the type of Mesothelioma that is present, its stage of development, and where it is located in the body.

Avoid Misdiagnosis

This is a very uncommon cancer in the grand scheme of things. Therefore, it often goes undiagnosed for a long time, or it is misdiagnosed because the odds of actually having it are so rare. Once a suspected diagnosis of Mesothelioma is present, the doctor will order tests to figure out exactly what is going on. Make sure that if you have had exposure to asbestos in your lifetime and you present with common symptoms, you note this so that you have a better chance of getting the right diagnosis for more effective treatment options.

The Prognosis

Mesothelioma doesn't have a particularly good outlook for patients who are suffering from the condition. There are plenty of elements that affect your survival rate and initial prognosis, including things like:

-The size and stage of the cancer

-Whether surgery is an option

-The type of Mesothelioma that is diagnosed

-The age and health of the patient

-Initial diagnosis vs. a secondary case after treatment and remission

Treatment Solutions

There are many different treatment options for this condition, depending on various factors like those mentioned previously. In most cases, radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery are the standard treatment options. Of course, this cancer usually requires an aggressive combination treatment for the best possible results.


There are four types of surgery that are used to treat Mesothelioma. An excision will remove the cancer and some of the healthy tissue to make sure that the cancer is completely gone. This is effective, but rarely an option because the cancer has spread too far by the time of diagnosis. Pluerectomy and decortication, which is a procedure that removes the lining of the lungs and other areas that are affected, is another option. In some cases, doctors will remove an entire lung, as well as parts of the diaphragm and the lining of the pericardium, which protects the heart. The final procedure involves using chemicals and drugs to create scarring in the lung lining. That stops the buildup of fluid in this disease.

Radiation Therapy:

Like most cancers, Mesothelioma can be treated using radiation in many cases. This helps kill the cancer cells, but can cause a lot of side effects that are less than desirable. Because of the advanced stage that is usually present at diagnosis, most people require aggressive radiation therapy combined with medications or surgery to get the best treatment possible.


Chemotherapy, which is administered orally or by injection, is effective at stopping the cells from growing and spreading. This treatment can be done with pills, IV treatments, or intramuscular injections, which will help ensure that the cells are killed or stopped in the right area. In many cases, combination chemotherapy is employed because multiple drugs have a better chance of killing the disease than a single drug alone

Choosing the Right Treatment

It starts by talking to your doctor and developing a treatment plan. The type of Mesothelioma that you have, combined with other factors, will determine the right solution for your best prognosis.

Bob Hartzell is a freelance writer who writes on topics of education, health and law. More recently he has focused on small cell lung cancer as it pertains to mesothelioma cancer.


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